Our machines are designed to accommodate standard baskets and containers or custom-designed holding fixtures. The versatility of our aqueous cleaning process gives you total flexibility to clean a multitude of components in one machine. MecWash Systems is one of the few companies in the world to manufacture both its own cleaning equipment and cleaning chemistry. As such, we can supply you with the perfect complement of equipment, consumables and expertise, whatever your cleaning requirements demand.

System integration is part of the MecWash story. It is essential that each parts washing system in the range integrates seamlessly with other process and handling equipment. From manual roller conveyors, scissor lifts, load tables and cooling tunnels to fully automated loading and unloading systems, each MecWash installation can be tailored to meet your precise handling requirements.

The MecWash process combines the rotation of components along a horizontal axis with the power of high-temperature, high-volume flood and spray action to produce comprehensive wash and rinse cycles that fully penetrate the workload.

MecWash Systems cleaning technology:

  • Continuous rotation of the workload ensures all component surfaces, including blind holes and drillings, are constantly flushed to best remove contamination.
  • Rotation during drying also eliminates the risk of solution getting trapped in component recesses, which would otherwise lead to corrosion and staining.
  • Dedicated jetting through a rotary coupling allows specific areas of the component such as blind holes, oil ways and water jackets to be continually flushed at 'point blank' range throughout the component's rotation.
  • Ultrasonics can be engaged to release tenacious contaminants such as heavy greases, polishing compounds and lapping pastes.
  • A combination of hot air and vacuum drying guarantees that moisture is removed from all component surfaces including small blind holes, internal galleries and mating faces.
  • In-line bag or cartridge filtration located between the solution pumps and cleaning chamber maintains clean wash and rinse solutions by capturing all contaminants removed in the cleaning process.
  • Mesh strainer basket between the wash chamber and solution tanks prevents larger metal chips and other debris from accumulating in the wash and rinse tanks. Additional chip tanks or chip conveyors can be installed if a customer has a large amount of metal chips per part to capture.
  • Free oils are continuously removed using an oil separator or skimmer.
  • Steam vapors are contained by a steam extraction unit and condensed back into the wash tank.
  • The wash and rinse tanks and the cleaning chamber are insulated, so there is minimal heat loss, making our systems very efficient to operate.
  • MecWash cleaning equipment can be designed for manual loading or fully automated loading controlled via robotics.



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